Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 2009 Vegetable and flower Pictures


I have learned from a colleague of mine that if you pinch zinnia when young they branch out and you get more flowers. I felt pretty bad to pinch it but now I have several shoots from one plant and they all are flowering now.

Bell Pepper

Sweet Bannana Pepper

This is our 2nd Snake Gourd growing. We already harvested one and made curry with it.
They are not growing very long as I expected. I am getting long bottle gourds and short snake gourds.
Bottle gourds under the stairs. As you can see there is one big one growing which is about a week old. May be harvest it next week.Usually it takes 2 weeks for the fruit to mature.There are 3-4 small ones also but I have to watch and see how many will grow.
I observed that usually only one gourd on a vine is growing even though others got pollinated.
If they are on different vines, its good and all may grow.
Dosakai's: Female flowers finally showed up and glad to see the dosakai's.
There are still some more coming. We may be able to harvest these two next week.
Waiting for them to turn yellow.
First Bottle gourd 2009. Planning to harvest this friday June 26th 2009. I think the seed I got is long variety and its growing very long.


  1. WOW DG, wonderful !! a flowering and fruiting garden !!

    short snake gourds and loooong bottle gourds :):) - post some pictures of the dishes too..

  2. We measured just before cooking the bottle gourd and its 2 and half feet long. I think I got different kinds of seeds though they are in the same packet. I got some short and long bottle gourds. Enjoyed eating the first bottle gourd. We harvested another on saturday.