Friday, June 5, 2009

GardenPictures 2009 - Part 2(Flower garden)

1. Tulips & Daffodils: We love the tulips. They bloom for a short time (2 weeks) every year but are very pretty to welcome spring.

2.Shrub Roses ,Hostas and Ice Plant:
We got Shrub Roses for the first time this year and we are very happy to see the full bloom.
Hope they continue. Ice Plant is perrineal and its been continuing to bloom every spring for teh past 2 years.
Hostas have come back big this year and may have to thin them for next year in fall.

3. Dutch Lillies: Plant 4 of them for the first time . I love the flower but they too bloom for very short period. They are in bloom right now.

Dahlia's and MaryGolds are coming up and will post when they bloom.

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  1. the front yard is beautiful !! love them all - tulips, daffodils dutch lillies and ofcourse roses !!