Friday, June 5, 2009

GardenPictures2009 - Part3(Gourds,Beans & cucumbers)

1. Dosakai: They are in full bloom now. Nice yellow male flowers. No female flowers yet. We have all boys at home. So my husband teases 'no female flowers in the garden also' :)
If they show up I will get some dosakai.

2. Bottle gourd under the stairs. I have put bottle gourds in different beds to see how they do with respect to sun/shade. Will post at the end of the season again.

3 & 4: Bottle Gourd and snake gourd on left side.Beans(chikkudu) on the back,Dosakai(on the right) and leafs in the centre(in the shade).

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  1. this reminds me of a 'thota' seen in my grandparent's back yard ! good one about the dosakai flowers :-)