Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bright and sunny deck

It is June now, sunny and bright and the plants are thriving. This is what I have - green leafy vegetables - methi, Gongura and thotakura - all started from seeds. 4 sorakaya plants sprouted from seeds and 2 kakarakaya. Put in seeds for bachhali today - should wait and see how they come up. Also bought 4 each of tomato, bell pepper and egg plants from a nearby plant nursery. All in all, my deck is quite a garden at this time - here are some pictures.

My vegetable patch on the deck

I just have a 10 X 10 deck that I can use for my 'gardening' - or 'container gardening' !! But I love seeing a plant grow and simply enjoy a home-grown leaf/vegetable and so I have been trying to grow what ever I can in the little space.

This year, picking on dreamgardener's lead and seeds (yes I got seeds thru post from dg as well), tried some coffee filter/zip lock germination method and also soaking seeds in room temperature water. Both gave good results for sorakaya/ bottle gourd, dosakaya, beans. For some reason only sorakaya survived the trasplantation into bigger pots. Could be the erratic weather conditions and that I had to leave the plants outside through 30-40 temps and terrible rain a couple of weekends..or my black thumb !! That was beginning April.