Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bright and sunny deck

It is June now, sunny and bright and the plants are thriving. This is what I have - green leafy vegetables - methi, Gongura and thotakura - all started from seeds. 4 sorakaya plants sprouted from seeds and 2 kakarakaya. Put in seeds for bachhali today - should wait and see how they come up. Also bought 4 each of tomato, bell pepper and egg plants from a nearby plant nursery. All in all, my deck is quite a garden at this time - here are some pictures.


  1. Wow gogreen! Very good veggies you have got!
    I am very happy to see pictures and they all look good and happy!


  2. I forgot to say that your eggplant plants look very good and healthy. All of mine have holes in leaves and I think they are infected.


  3. dg,

    credit for healthy eggplants goes to vonthon farms from where I bought them and possibly the protected deck on which they grow - no insects etc.