Sunday, May 31, 2009

My vegetable patch on the deck

I just have a 10 X 10 deck that I can use for my 'gardening' - or 'container gardening' !! But I love seeing a plant grow and simply enjoy a home-grown leaf/vegetable and so I have been trying to grow what ever I can in the little space.

This year, picking on dreamgardener's lead and seeds (yes I got seeds thru post from dg as well), tried some coffee filter/zip lock germination method and also soaking seeds in room temperature water. Both gave good results for sorakaya/ bottle gourd, dosakaya, beans. For some reason only sorakaya survived the trasplantation into bigger pots. Could be the erratic weather conditions and that I had to leave the plants outside through 30-40 temps and terrible rain a couple of weekends..or my black thumb !! That was beginning April.

1 comment:

  1. I am happy that the coffee filter/zip lock methods worked for you.

    Rules for germination.
    1.seeds need heat to germiate
    2. Once they germinate, they need light to grow.
    3. Harden them really well before transferring them outside.